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Knockout Wear is a proud supplier of Lazy J Ranch Wear, a fellow Texas-based western apparel brand. Lazy J has become a household name in ranch wear due to their hat designs and other clothing inspired by the proud tradition of Texas ranching.

Knockout Wear features much of Lazy J’s selection in our online store. Visit the links below to find your new favorite Lazy J hats and short- or long-sleeved shirts!

Lazy J Hats

Lazy J is perhaps most well-known for their hat designs, available in a wide range of styles celebrating ranching, the western lifestyle, and American pride. From trucker hats to fitted hats and other styles, you’ll find the perfect hat for yourself or someone else among our extensive selection.


Lazy J Shirts – Short Sleeve

Featuring a wide range of designs for both men and women, you can find something for everyone among the Lazy J shirts featured in Knockout Wear’s online store! Visit to find your favorite designs and colors, and pick up shirts that will have you looking sharp in any casual setting.

Lazy J Shirts – Long Sleeve

Upgrade your winter style and keep warm with long sleeve Lazy J shirts and sweatshirts. Whether you’re dreaming of the Texas warmth or you want to show off your love for the tradition of ranching, Lazy J’s sweatshirts offer the perfect solution with excellent quality and retro-inspired designs.

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